Sexual Chemistry

Sexual Chemistry

Let’s review what really happened on that first face-to-face encounter….Sexual Chemistry

Amazingly, a person can be one way on email….different on the phone….and a whole new encounter when you meet them in person.

How does that happen? let’s look at the many different levels of chemistry when you meet your date live and in person……

level 1 – She turns out to be a man, and you want to kick his ass.

Level 2 – You see her and you know it is her because she told you what she is wearing, she has not seen you, so you walk backwards from the area and run to your car.

Level 3 – You see no one near you that is even close to the picture that you have seen. When she approaches you the only thing you can think of saying is”I think we have a terrible misunderstanding here, I will be leaving now, I hope you have a very nice evening.”

Level 4 – She looks good, but she smells so bad that you have to excuse yourself and sneak out the window in the bathroom.

Level 5 – She seems to like you, but you are not sure if she is your type. She begins to talk and you realized that her sole support is from spousal support from her previous husband and she is currently recovering from a nervous breakdown. Good thing you told your friend to call you with an emergency in case you needed a quick exit.

Level 6 – You like her and she seems to really like you. She hands you a picture that one of her kids drew of all you as a family. She then asks you “How long will it be before you ask me to marry you, and will you adopt my kids”. You smile, you pretend as though you did not hear that and say great weather we have been having.

Level 7 – You walk into the restaurant…you see a woman sitting alone and you know is her – she/he looks even better than her picture. She/he sees you, smiles, and you know the attraction is mutual. You’re having a great conversation, but then (after a couple of drinks) she/he begins ranting about her political views and how she could NEVER date anyone belonging to that “other” party. You decided not to waste money on dinner, take her/his number, promise to call, but never do.

Level 8 – You meet for drinks, you see that see is a little nervous. You order drinks after her 8th drink she/he starts to become loud, she then passes out at the table you do not know who she is so you carry her out to the car and drop her/him at the local police station.

Level 9 – You meet and she/he is a very nice women/man. She/he seems very normal and she seems to know how to act. You enjoy lunch with her on a couple of occasions. The third time you meet her for lunch, she/he looks over at you and says to you “For this relationship to go to the next level, I will need $5,000 a month from you”. You are speechless. You pull money from you wallet, lay it on the table and walk away as quickly as possible.

Level 10 – She/he seems very pleasant. She/he is attractive, not really your type but you are thinking the sex will be good. She/he then tells you that she must get to know someone before she has sex with them, about 3 months. Not worth the wait.

Level 11 – You meet and there is an attraction between you. The feeling is mutual and you both know it. The feeling is lust. You look at each other and she says dinner can wait. You take her/him to your place and have the best sex you’ve have had in months. The next day you call her and she/he wants to know when you are getting married.

Level 12 – You see her/him get out of her car, she/he walks towards the restaurant and she looks great. She sees you and she smiles and you know there is an attraction between you. You are able to talk openly about what you want
from a relationship. You have a nice date, great sex and you agree to be friends with benefits.

Level 13 – She/he is very attractive, you know you want to see her again. She seems to like you the same way. You have a very nice date. You both are very comfortable with each other, she reaches over and touches you during
your conversation over drinks, you both agree to continue the date to dinner. She serves you breakfast the next morning at her place. You can tell this is the start of something very nice.

Level 14 – She/he is incredible, she looks great, smells great. She looks into your eyes in such a way that you forget your name for a moment, and in those first seven seconds she is thinking….”IT IS ALL GOOD”.

Sexual chemistry is real and when it is truly there, you will know it!!